Knowing there is
an ocean because
you have seen a brook . . .
W. A. Ward

art is play

My creative self-expression is an intuitive dance of spontaneity and the subconscious. Loosely controlled "accidents" arouse mystery and emotion. Meaning is subjective – there is no right or wrong interpretation.

I was traditionally educated in painting, drawing, and other fine arts. Until recent years, my personal work took a back seat to practical graphic design and social service careers.

My work has been exhibited in Denver's Santa Fe and Tennyson Art Districts, including juried shows at Kanon Art, Spark Gallery, and a national show at the Abecedarian Gallery.

versatile graphic design

Enjoy smart, creative design that elevates your marketing impact and delivers business results.

Skills honed in demanding corporate, agency, non-profit, and freelance settings, have satisfied a diverse consumer and business-to-business client base of financial services, healthcare, education, technology, and nonprofit fundraising.